Tennis Court Floodlights

Experience unparalleled tennis court illumination with Eco Energy Saving Solutions. Crafted with precision and a deep understanding of the sport's demands, our floodlights promise to elevate every serve, rally, and match point.

Our expertise in lighting has led us to collaborate with a diverse range of venues. From modest local leisure centres with a single court to expansive multi-court training hubs hosting national tournaments, our presence is felt everywhere. We are the go-to choice for community clubs, schools, professional clubs, and large multi-court facilities.

A Sustainable Future

Beyond delivering brilliant and precise illumination, they are the epitome of energy efficiency. In an era of escalating energy costs and the phase-out of fixed-price tariffs, imagine reducing your energy bills by a remarkable 50%. With our LEDs, you're not just choosing lights, but embracing sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Financial Flexibility - Zero Upfront Costs

We understand the constraints and challenges facilities face. That's why we introduce a financial model that's as brilliant as our lights. Dive into a world of ZERO upfront costs. Our turnkey solutions, complemented by a leasing option spanning 2 to 3 years, ensure that world-class illumination is accessible and affordable.

High-Performance Solutions

When it comes to the reliability and quality of our products, here's what sets our solutions apart:

Anti-Glare Excellence

Bid adieu to unwanted glares. Our LED tennis court floodlights are designed to ensure a clear and uninterrupted view of the game.

Wind Load Resistant

Be it a gentle breeze or a thunderstorm, our lights stand firm.

Lightweight Advantage

Our LED lamps, with their lightweight design, often fit perfectly onto existing columns, potentially saving you the substantial costs linked to replacing them.

Uniform Brilliance

Experience unmatched lighting uniformity across the court, ensuring a consistent and even playing field.

10-Year Warranty

We stand tall and proud behind our products, which is why we offer an extensive 10-year warranty on our LED tennis court lighting solutions.

Additional Features & Accessories

Elevate your lighting experience with our range of added features and accessories:

Smart Controls

Take charge of your lighting, remotely adjusting for optimal performance.

Marine Grade

Designed for durability, especially in challenging coastal or high-saline environments.

Diverse Mounting Options

Customisable mounts to suit varying needs.

Light Spill Covers

Effectively manage and control unwanted light spillage, ensuring precision in illumination.

Laser Pen

An invaluable tool for training sessions, the laser pen can be used to pinpoint specific areas on the court, to illustrate tactics, or guide players during drills.

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