Indoor Sports Lighting

Illuminate your indoor sports venue with the future of lighting solutions. When you switch to our LED systems, not only will you be able to slash energy consumption by up to 50% compared to older metal halide systems, but you'll also be taking a decisive step towards drastically lowering your electricity bills. Especially in these times of skyrocketing energy prices and the end of fixed-price tariffs for many, every saving counts. 

Whether you’re a multipurpose sports hall, community leisure centre, or a multi-court facility, Eco Energy Saving Solutions has the expertise to revitalise your lighting setup. Our cutting-edge LED systems are meticulously designed to diminish operational costs, enhance visual appeal, and, most importantly, amplify player safety and spectator experience through advanced technology.

Why Choose LED?

Choosing LED lighting is a transformative decision that goes beyond mere aesthetics. With a rich history of illuminating diverse venues, we have honed our craft to understand and cater to each venue's unique lighting needs.

Eco Energy Saving Solutions stands ready to rejuvenate venues with outdated equipment, replacing them with our state-of-the-art LED lamps. These modern systems don't just cut costs; they elevate aesthetics, enhance player safety, and offer spectators an enriched experience. In essence, transitioning to LED with us means embracing a sustainable, visually superior, and cost-effective future for your indoor venue.

No Initial Investment Needed

Discover our turnkey solution that’s easy on the pocket. With our unique leasing option, you can kick-start your lighting transformation without any upfront costs for the initial 2-3 years.

Indoor Tennis Court Lighting

When it comes to tennis, every serve, volley, and rally is crucial. The precision of the game requires lighting that can keep up. An indoor tennis court lit by LED floodlights offers players consistent and uniform illumination, ensuring no part of the court remains in shadow. This level of light consistency is vital for spotting fast-moving balls and ensuring accurate shots. 

Traditional lighting can produce glares or hotspots that can affect a player's performance and safety. LED floodlights, on the other hand, offer anti-glare properties that ensure players and spectators have an optimal viewing experience. Moreover, the energy efficiency of LEDs can significantly reduce operational costs for court owners, providing an additional incentive to make the switch.

Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting

The serene environment of a swimming pool demands lighting that complements its tranquillity. LED floodlights provide a clear, even illumination that enhances the aesthetics of the water, making it glisten and ripple beautifully. 

For swimmers, clear vision under water is essential, and the diffused light from LED systems ensures there are no dark patches or overly bright spots. Safety is paramount in swimming facilities; well-lit pool areas can prevent accidents and ensure swimmers can see other pool users clearly, minimising collisions. Furthermore, the moisture and chlorine-rich environment of indoor pools can be harsh on lighting fixtures. LED lights are more durable and resistant to such conditions, ensuring a longer lifespan and less frequent maintenance.

Multipurpose Sports Hall Lighting

Multipurpose sports halls cater to a variety of activities, from basketball and badminton to indoor football and events. Such versatility requires flexible lighting solutions. LED floodlights are adjustable and can be dimmed or brightened according to the specific requirements of each activity. 

Consistent and uniform lighting is vital, as different sports have varied speed and intricacies. LED systems can cater to these diverse needs with ease, ensuring optimal performance for athletes and an enhanced viewing experience for spectators. Additionally, given the frequent and prolonged usage of lights in these halls, the energy-saving properties of LEDs translate to substantial cost savings in the long run.

LUX Levels For Sports Halls And Gymnasiums

 Application  Typical Use  Horizontal Illuminance Eave (LUX)  Emin/Eave  RA  Glare
 Class 1  Regional  750  >0.7  >60  <50
 Class 2  Club  500  <0.6  >60  <50
 Class 3  Recreational  200  >0.5  >20  <50

High-Performance Solutions

Experience the apex of lighting technology with our superior solutions:

Anti-Glare Technology

Our indoor sports floodlighting solutions have been engineered to perfection to provide a clear, sharp light that enhances gameplay and ensures players and spectators remain undisturbed by intrusive brightness.

Marine-Grade Corrosion Resistant

For venues exposed to saline environments, corrosion can be a major concern. Our LED indoor sports floodlights are crafted with Marine-Grade materials, ensuring they are resistant to the corrosive effects of salty air and moisture. This added layer of protection ensures longevity, reduces maintenance costs, and guarantees that the lights perform optimally even in challenging environments.

High Degree of Uniformity

With our lighting solutions, every inch of your pitch gets an even spread of light, ensuring that there are no dark patches or overly bright spots. Uniformity in lighting is crucial for both player performance and spectator enjoyment.

10-Year Warranty

We believe in the robustness and reliability of our products. So much so, that we offer an extended 10-year warranty. Your peace of mind is paramount to us.

Additional Features & Accessories

Delve into our range of enhanced features and accessories crafted to optimise your lighting performance and versatility:

Smart Controls

Embrace the future with intuitive controls that learn and adapt. Adjust brightness, set timers, or change lighting modes, all at the touch of a button or through automated systems.

Varied Mounting Types

Every venue is unique, and our mounting options recognise that. Whether you’re looking to affix lights to walls, ceilings, or poles, we have a solution tailored for every need.

Laser Pen

A handy tool for technicians and facility managers, laser pens can be used for pinpointing specific areas during installation or maintenance, ensuring precision and accuracy in every lighting setup.


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