Innovative Thinking

The UK’s leaders & creative innovators in the field of LED SPORTS LIGHTING, ENERGY SAVING & INCOME producing solutions based on increased profitability, reduced running energy costs provided on a "turnkey" basis with ZERO upfront investment required.

From Concept to....

A bespoke solution to the most challenging and difficult projects to...

Professional installation by our team of NICIEC Accredited Electrical Engineers to...

Managing and negotiating the best energy and/or alternative energy technology with Solar & Wind Turbine to... 

Our full maintenance, back-office support package designed to provide an enhanced long-term relationship between you and us.

What we do

From professional and semi professional Sports clubs to hotel's & leisure (pubs, restaurants & cafe's)  to light & large commercial premises to public sector facilities including schools, hospitals & Council owned we work with both homeowners, private and social landlords and businesses of all sizes.

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We've worked on a number large, small and some highly technical projects across the UK.

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