Stadiums & Arenas LED Floodlights

Transform your stadiums and arenas with optimal lighting from Eco Energy Saving Solutions. We offer top-tier LED floodlight solutions, custom-designed to meet exacting requirements. Our expertise spans indoor and outdoor stadiums and arenas of all sizes.

At Eco Energy Saving Solutions, we don't just supply lights, we upgrade your entire system. Ageing and inefficient lighting equipment can be seamlessly replaced with our efficient LED lamps. Our LED lighting systems are crafted to reduce operational annual energy costs, enhance the aesthetic value, and increase overall safety. Experience a revolution in spectator experience with our upgraded technology.

Leading the Way with LED

Choose our LED systems tailored for arenas, which consume up to 50% less energy than outdated metal halide systems. As energy prices skyrocket, our solutions provide a notable reduction in your arena's electricity expenses. From community event arenas to expansive multi-purpose complexes, our expertise spans a broad and varied spectrum.

No Upfront Costs

Experience an effortless transition with zero upfront costs. Our turnkey solution comes with a leasing option for the initial 2-3 years, providing you a stress-free, economical lighting upgrade.

High-Performance Solutions

Discover the pinnacle of lighting technology with our high-performance solutions:

Anti-Glare Excellence

Our LED stadium and arena floodlights integrate advanced anti-glare technology to offer the best visibility possible. This technology works by minimising sharp contrasts and shadowing, creating an environment that's comfortable and easy to see in. With these lights, you can say goodbye to the annoying glare that often comes with traditional lighting.

Wind Load Resistant

Stadiums and arenas are often exposed to the elements, making them susceptible to harsh weather conditions. Our LED floodlights are wind load resistant, meaning they're designed to withstand challenging weather and remain stable even in high winds.

Lightweight Advantage

We understand the need for solutions that work with existing infrastructure, and that's where our lightweight design comes in. Our LED floodlights are lightweight, making them compatible with existing columns in many cases.

Uniform Brilliance

Uniform lighting is crucial in stadiums and arenas, where every corner needs to be well-lit. Our LED floodlights provide a high degree of uniformity, distributing light evenly across the entire space.

10-Year Warranty

We stand behind the quality and durability of our products, and we want you to have peace of mind. That's why we offer a 10-year warranty on our LED stadium and arena floodlights. This long-term warranty demonstrates our commitment to quality and our confidence in the performance and reliability of our lighting solutions.

Additional Features & Accessories

Explore our array of additional features and accessories designed to maximise your lighting efficiency and adaptability:

Smart Controls

Discover the power of smart controls that allow effortless management and adjustment of your lighting system.

Marine Grade

Explore the resilience of Marine Grade floodlights, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Diverse Mounting Options

Experience the versatility of different mounting types to seamlessly fit into your existing structures.

Light Spill Covers

Opt for light spill covers to prevent unwanted light spillage, concentrating the light on your playfield.

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