Rugby Pitch Floodlights

Your rugby pitch deserves the best lighting system - one that is efficient, environmentally friendly, and optimises performance. That's where Eco Energy Saving Solutions steps in. We specialise in rugby pitch floodlight solutions that not only meet but often exceed the standards set by the RFU.

Our mission is to offer you a comprehensive lighting solution that reduces your operational annual energy costs, enhances the aesthetic appeal of your facilities, and significantly increases player safety. With upgraded technology, your spectator experience will be transformed like never before.

Why Choose LED?

In the modern age, energy efficiency is critical. Our state-of-the-art LED systems consume up to 50% less energy than traditional metal halide systems. This means that you can substantially reduce your electricity bills, a huge advantage, especially as energy prices continue to rise and many clubs are no longer protected by fixed-price tariffs.

We bring to the table years of experience in providing top-notch pitch lighting for different clientele, ranging from small community clubs and schools to professional clubs and multi-court facilities. Eco Energy Saving Solutions isn't just about lighting; we're about upgrading your entire system. If you have ageing and inefficient lighting equipment, we're more than ready to transform it with our high-performance LED lamps.

No Initial Investment Needed

At Eco Energy Saving Solutions, we believe in offering you a seamless experience. We provide a turnkey solution with a leasing option for the initial 2-3 years, meaning there's zero upfront cost for you. Lighting up your rugby pitch has never been so effortless and economical!

High-Performance Solutions

Here are just a few key solutions that set our products apart:

Anti-Glare Technology

Our LED rugby pitch floodlighting solutions incorporate advanced anti-glare technology, which significantly improves the quality of light. This technology ensures optimal visibility by reducing sharp contrasts and minimising shadows. Your players will be able to focus on their performance without any harsh, glaring distractions, leading to improved safety and a superior playing experience.

Wind Load Resistance

Weather conditions can be unpredictable, but our floodlights aren't. Designed with wind load resistance, they are built to withstand challenging weather conditions. The sturdy construction and robust design mean that the floodlights stay in place even in high winds. This ensures the longevity of the system and provides consistent lighting, no matter the conditions.

Lightweight Design

Understanding the constraints and costs related to infrastructure changes, we've engineered our floodlights to be lightweight. This means that they can often be installed onto existing columns, eliminating the substantial costs associated with replacing these structures. Despite their lightweight design, rest assured, our floodlights do not compromise on performance or durability.

High Degree of Uniformity

Consistent lighting across the entire pitch is crucial for visibility and player performance. Our LED rugby pitch floodlights offer a high degree of uniformity. This means that light is distributed evenly across the pitch, avoiding any bright spots or dark patches. Whether a player is at the centre or the corner of the field, they'll have the illumination they need.

10-Year Warranty

We believe in the durability and quality of our products, and we want our clients to share in that confidence. That's why we provide a 10-year warranty on all our LED rugby pitch floodlights. This assures you that we stand by our products and their long-term performance. With Eco Energy Saving Solutions, your peace of mind is our priority.

Additional Features & Accessories

Discover a range of carefully crafted features and accessories, designed to enhance your lighting system and offer tailored solutions that meet your unique needs and preferences, ensuring an optimal lighting experience for both players and spectators.

Smart Controls

The Smart Controls feature provides you with the power to easily manage and adjust the lighting conditions to your preference. This intuitive system allows for seamless control, whether you need to dim the lights for an evening event or illuminate the pitch for a night game.

Marine Grade

Our Marine Grade floodlights are specifically designed to endure harsh weather conditions. They come with a higher level of protection against elements such as rain, salt, and moisture, making them ideal for coastal locations or areas with demanding weather.

Different Mounting Types

To cater to different infrastructure needs, we offer various mounting options. 

Light Spill Covers

Our light spill covers are a fantastic solution to prevent unwanted light spillage. They help to concentrate light on the pitch, preventing any light spill into the surrounding areas. This ensures the best visibility on the field and minimises light pollution in neighbouring areas.

Laser Pen

The Laser Pen is a helpful tool for pinpointing and highlighting specific areas of the pitch.

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