Design & Planning

At the heart of Eco Energy Saving Solutions lies a dedicated group of lighting design virtuosos, with superb expertise in sculpting unparalleled sports lighting experiences.

Our commitment to technology is unwavering. With the integration of next-gen design software, we craft meticulous 3D lighting blueprints. These vivid visualisations are indispensable, particularly for those intricate planning stages, granting stakeholders an immersive preview of the final outcome.

We pride ourselves on our bespoke design approach. Recognising the nuances and distinct challenges of each project, we tailor our solutions to mirror the vision and objectives of our esteemed clientele. Ensuring alignment with international quality standards, we design solutions that promise longevity, sustainability, and top-notch performance.

Lighting, at its core, is an art combined with science. Eco Energy Saving Solutions delves deep into analytics, presenting stakeholders with detailed lighting plots. These diagrams delve into luminous intensity, uniform lighting distribution, and potential light spillage, offering a comprehensive view of the project's impact even before the first light is installed.

(Imageby Freepik)


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