Eco-Friendly LED Sports Flood Lighting Solutions

Illuminate your sporting arena with our tailored LED sports flood lighting solutions. 

From football pitches and rugby grounds to tennis courts and indoor venues, our bespoke designs ensure that every facility receives the optimal lighting required for top-notch performance. 

We understand that no two projects are alike. Our range guarantees highly flexible, turn-key solutions, no matter the size of your project. Whether you're looking to illuminate a single tennis court or a sprawling football stadium, we've got you covered. 

Energise Efficiently

Our LED floodlights not only promise to brilliantly light up your sporting events but also stand as symbols of energy efficiency. These state-of-the-art luminaires can consume up to 50% less energy compared to conventional metal halide systems. In an era of rising energy costs, choosing our LEDs is not just an eco-friendly decision but also a strategic move, ensuring you save significantly on those daunting electricity bills.

Zero Upfront Costs

Dive into a world where your investment in top-notch lighting doesn't burn a hole in your pocket immediately. With Eco Energy Saving Solutions, benefit from zero upfront costs. Our tailored approach offers a leasing option for the initial 2 - 3 years, making the transition to superior lighting smooth, efficient, and economically sound.

Highly Flexible, Durable & Efficient

When it comes to quality, our products stand a class apart. Made with only the best components, our floodlights ensure durability and longevity. So, what makes our lights special?

  • A whopping 10-year warranty assures you of their lasting performance.

  • Say goodbye to maintenance hassles with our zero maintenance costs guarantee.

  • Our adaptive lighting system caters to diverse project requirements ensuring maximum flexibility.

  • Experience distraction-free sporting with our low-glare lights.

  • Play without worries. Our lights are impact-resistant, ready to take on any accidental hits or blows.

Common Applications

Our versatile LED floodlight solutions find their rightful place in a plethora of sporting venues. Discover more about how they can transform each of these spaces:

  • Football Pitch Floodlights

  • Tennis Court Floodlights

  • Stadiums & Arenas

  • Rugby Pitch Floodlights

  • Indoor Sports Lighting

  • Hockey Pitch Floodlights

  • Bowling Green Floodlights

Design, Installation & Maintenance

Every project, no matter how big or small, demands precision. Here's how we ensure that your LED sports floodlighting project shines in every way:

Design and Planning

Each venue has its unique set of challenges. By taking into account your specific requirements, we meticulously choose the product that fits best, designed to offer optimal performance throughout its lifetime.


Our expert installation team operates throughout the UK, turning your vision into a luminous reality.

Maintenance and Servicing

Our commitment doesn’t end post-installation. Benefit from our comprehensive maintenance package which includes annual inspections, safety certifications, cleaning, warranty repairs, and so much more.

Choose us, and brighten up the game like never before. Experience the perfect blend of innovation, efficiency, and performance that will elevate your sports facility to new heights.

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