Bowling Green Floodlights

Illuminating a bowling green demands precision, ensuring every bowl, bias, and jack is perfectly visible. At Eco Energy, our elite LED sports floodlights are engineered to accentuate the beauty and nuances of the green. Experience a game under lights that feels both natural and enhanced, perfect for night-time or overcast sessions.

A Sustainable Future
In today's lighting landscape, LED technology stands out as a beacon of excellence and sustainability. LEDs come packed with advantages that traditional bulbs can't match. Imagine brighter, consistent lighting, impressive energy efficiency, and a longer lifespan. For an environment like a bowling green, where precision is paramount, LED’s clarity and dependability make all the difference.

Financial Flexibility - Zero Upfront Costs
Understanding the initial reservations about transitioning to a top-tier lighting system, we at Eco Energy provide offerings that prioritise your financial ease. Embrace our turnkey solution, which lets you adopt the finest of LED lighting without zero upfront costs. With our convenient leasing plans for the first 2 to 3 years, superior lighting for your bowling green becomes both top-notch and affordable.

High-Performance Solutions

Designed for unparalleled performance, our solutions guarantee an immersive bowling experience. Delve into the unique features that set our lights apart:

Anti-Glare Excellence
Play uninterrupted with our groundbreaking anti-glare technology, ensuring that players are not hindered by harsh lighting, allowing for optimal gameplay and viewing.

Wind Load Resistant
Come rain or shine, our floodlights stand firm. Designed to weather the storms, they guarantee consistent performance irrespective of external conditions.

Lightweight Advantage
Simplicity blended with efficacy defines our designs. These lightweight fixtures allow for swift installation, making them an excellent fit for any bowling green infrastructure.

Uniform Brilliance
Every inch of the green matters. With our lights' high uniformity, you can be sure of even lighting, making every move on the green crystal clear.

10-Year Warranty
Quality is our promise. Our belief in the durability and performance of our products is reflected in our generous 10-year warranty. Your peace of mind is our commitment.

Additional Features & Accessories

Beyond primary illumination, we offer an extensive range of features and accessories to refine your lighting experience. Explore the myriad of enhancements on offer:

Smart Controls
Personalise your lighting with our state-of-the-art smart controls. Adjust modes, set timers, and fine-tune intensity, ensuring optimal energy usage and player satisfaction.

Marine Grade
Crafted for endurance, our marine-grade floodlights resist wear and tear from moisture-laden environments, ensuring they remain pristine and functional.

Diverse Mounting Options
Every green has its own charm. Catering to this, we offer a diverse range of mounting options, ensuring seamless integration with any bowling green layout.

Light Spill Covers
Focus is key. With our light spill covers, you can ensure directed lighting, concentrating illumination solely on the green, enhancing the game's ambience.

Laser Pen
Precision personified, the laser pen aids in the exact alignment of the floodlights, ensuring the green is lit to perfection every time.

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